Surf Survival Workshop
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Surf Survival Workshop

We have all been stuck in the washing machine for what felt like an eternity. This workshop will teach you skills to stay calmer for longer underwater and how to manage challenging conditions in general. A must for every surfer of any level.

One of the most common mistakes surfers make when during the a wipeout is fighting the water. In this workshop you will learn how to surrender to the water without any struggle, using simple and effective techniques to relax both the body and the mind.

The surf survival workshop aims to train and improve your physical and mental skills in order to develop confidence, self awareness and self control.
Topics covered include:
- freediving physiology
- the effects of apnea on the body and apnea training
- breathing and relaxation mechanics, and more.

Exercises will be performed in the gym (dry) and in the pool.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a strong understanding of the importance of breath training as a tool to improve physical and mental performance.
You will be able to use these techniques in surfing scenarios, everyday life situations, or any other physical activity.

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September 2022

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